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Steve Jackson Games 6539
Age of Napoleon
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Written by Nicholas Caldwell Edited by William H. Stoddard Very rarely, one man defines the time in which he lives. One such man was Napoleon Bonaparte, and his ambition shaped the face of a continent. From humble beginnings in Corsica to ignominious defeat in Russia and at Waterloo, Napoleon was the sun around which Europe revolved. Now GURPS brings the age of Napoleon to life. The book focuses on 18th and 19th-century Europe, including the beginning of the end of colonialism. GURPS players will find a wealth of roleplaying information about commoners, soldiers, nobles, spies, privateers . . . and revolutionaries. Filled with the superb research which roleplayers expect from a GURPS historical supplement, Age of Napoleon breathes life into bloody battlefields . . . as well as the equally bloody political intrigue of Napoleon's Europe. As always, Game Masters can combine GURPS Age of Napoleon with many of our other worldbooks (such as Old West, Swashbucklers, Time Travel, or - for a really wild game - Steampunk). There's no limit to the possibilities . . . in the Age of Napoleon. 128 pages
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