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Atlas Games ATG 0302
Ars Magica: Against the Dark - The Transylvanian Tribunal
ATG 0302
Uploaded Jan 15th, 2013
List Price: $29.95
Strategic Price: Call for availability.

Detailed Description

Between two empires is a land of high mountains and dark forests, of great rivers and fertile plains. The richest king in Mythic Europe rules Hungary, but his nobles are restless and the Teutonic Knights he invited to guard his borders want no overlord. The mountains are the home of countless dragons, and vampires stalk the peasants in their villages. To the east, a greater storm gathers. This is the Transylvanian Tribunal. One force brings light to the darkness. Here, in the heartland of House Tremere, the gifts and talents of all magi may be brought together, to cooperate for the good of the world.
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