1806: Rossbach Avenged

"1806" SHINES IN PAPER WARS REVIEW [Peter Perla gave "1806" a very close look in "Paper Wars" Issue #30; here are some excerpts from his review.] "First impressions ... sometimes can deceive. ... I had fallen into a classic reviewer's error: looking at individual rules in isolation from how they interact during play. And the apparent simplicity of the rules contributed to the problem because they concealed the intricacy of those interactions." "The best example ... involves the interwoven nature of the rules dealing with hidden forces, vedettes, road march, repulse, and cavalry retreat before combat." "Suddenly, the individual rules begin to make more sense in their proper, integrated, context. If you are to avoid paying what you believe to be an unrealistic price ... you must actually behave historically. Provide cavalry support and local reserves for important moves. And, oh by the way, avoid committing your forces to unimportant actions. ... What I initially had decided was an anachronistic and wholly unrealistic system took on new meaning and subtlety." "At the level of operational maneuver, 1806 captures many elements of Napoleonic warfare well. Expert play will require disciplined planning to take advantage of the road net to conduct effective turning movements and maneuvers against the enemy's flanks and rear." "I found 1806 to be fun, challenging, and fast moving without imposing a high price in rules complexity and time to assimilate the system." "In 1806 Kevin Zucker has not only produced a fun, attractive, and exciting game, but he also has advanced the state of the art of Napoleonic campaign games." "One of the better games I have played in the last few years."

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