A8: Forsaken Mountain (C&C Adventure)

From the makers of the Castles & Crusades roleplaying game comes the eighth adventure for champions and heroes who must brave dreams and nightmares in a race to acquire powerful magic. Across the withering divide of the real and unreal lies the Forsaken Mountain. Herein is a magic of ancient and terrifying power being sought by those of malignant and bent minds. They must not retrieve it and those who are willing must brave the straights of hopes and nightmares upon the Dreaming Sea before coming to the Forsaken Mountain. Here, they must break the seals of Law and enter the roots of the mountain and retrieve the magic. In this daring adventure, heroes and champions. For 3 to 5 characters, levels 8 to 9. The Adventure continues!

Price: $8.06
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Manufactured by Troll Lord Games

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