Aces Pack 2: Deadly Duo

Maria Sanchez scraped by on whatever repairs dropped into her desolate machine shop. Then sky pirate Nathan Zachary buzzed in under attack. When her shop was destroyed, Nathan and Maria fled in an old biplane. Now she joins Zachary?s Fortune Hunters on their aerial adventures, determined to regain what was lost in the escape. Tough, independent, an ace flyer and a better wrench, now she?s under the wing of the most powerful sky pirate in North America?or is she? Crimson Skies is an action-packed collectable miniatures game of dogfighting and barroom-brawling in an aviation-dominated world. Every plastic figure comes prepainted and fully assembled. The Crimson Skies collectable miniatures game has no cumbersome rulebooks or complex record keeping?all the game information needed to play each figure is on that figure?s unique patent-pending combat dial. Rules sold separately. Contents 2 prepainted, fully assembled pilots on combat-dial bases 2 prepainted, fully assembled planes on combat-dial bases 4 Ace navigation cards

Price: $14.36
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Manufactured by Wiz Kids LLC

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