Adventure Sourcebook Three: The Black Vault

The Coalition States deny its existence yet the legend has persisted for generations. The legend of the Black Vault, depository for thousands of lost magic items collected over the years by the Coalition States and locked away where nobody can find them. And nobody has, till now! Word on the street is a group of mercenaries or practitioners of magic from Tolkeen or the Federation of Magic have broken into the Black Vault and stolen a truckload of its most powerful artifacts. The Chi-Town police and Coalition Army are on high alert. The €Burbs are being shaken down and nobody is safe. The Black Vault, its history and rumors. Where it is and what's inside. Adventures surrounding the Black Vault and its contents. The Coalition in savage recovery mode. Additional background and adventure ideas. Cat. No. 855 Retail Price: $8.95 €“ Note price change and page count reduction. Page Count: 48 pages. Cover: By Freddie Williams. Interior Art: By Perez, Williams, Okamura and others. Written by: Kevin Siembieda.

Price: $8.06
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