After the Bomb

Shortly after Palladium Books launched the Ninja Turtles® RPG, way back when, we came out with a series known as After the Bomb® - a world of the future where mutant animals rule a post apocalyptic earth. In the past, this stand alone series required the TMNT® or Heroes Unlimited?? rule book to play and was nearly as popular as the Ninja Turtles. Palladium Books is relaunching that line with the After the Bomb Role-Playing Game! This will be a complete game in an of itself, with up-dated character creation rules (same as Heroes Unlimited??, Second Edition). New and additional rules, more mutants, strange powers, psionics, world information, villains and adventures round out this 160 page game. After the Bomb® RPG should make a great introductory role-playing game, and instantly has a half dozen supplements ready to support it! That's right, the old Bomb sourcebooks are all completely compatible with the new game, as well as compatible with Heroes Unlimited?? Second Edition. • A complete game in an of itself. • Mutant animal creation rules. • Animal powers and psionics. • Mutant human creation rules and powers. • World information, villains and "hot spots." • Adventures and adventure ideas.

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