Armies of the Abyss

Green Ronin took you to the Pit in Legions of Hell, giving devils their due. Now its time to take a tour of the Abyss and get an up-close and personal look at the masters of chaos, the demons. An endless variety of demons populate the infinity of the Abyss, and volume 2 of the Book of Fiends gives you the lowdown on over two dozen new demons and more than a score of demon princes, courtesy of Living Greyhawk Gazetteer author and Polyhedron editor Erik Mona. The book also introduces the thaumaturge, a new divine spellcasting class that gains its powers from demon princes...for a price. 3E concept artist Sam Wood leads an all-star assemblage of artistic talent in bringing these malefic outsiders to life, and complete d20 stats round out the package. Armies of the Abyss are on the march

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