Army of Darkness RPG

Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up! Youre in a strange land, with strange people, and youre not thinking too clearly. The natives are suspicious, the leaders hostile, the priests cryptic, and no ones bathed in months. Advanced tech is a hole in the ground filled with sewage. The basic food groups are roasted haunch, old fruit, and watered-down wine. You find out getting home is not going to happen anytime soon. First you need to find some stupid book, then recite some stupid phrase, then bring the stupid book back to the stupid castle. Heck, theres probably a bunch of other stupid stuff you have to do. Just nobodys told you about that yet. Oh, and did I forget to mention the army of undead looking to gnaw on your soul! Inside this swank beauty, well show you how to put the dead in deadite. Here, you will find: An introduction to roleplaying and the world of Army of Darkness.

Price: $36.00
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Manufactured by Eden Studios

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