Autumn of Glory

On the afternoon of September 19, 1863 some 12,000 men of General James Longstreet's I Corps detrain in Ringgold, Georgia, joining General Braxton Bragg and the understrength Army of Tennessee along the banks of the Chickamauga River. Due to federal successes along the battlefront, this secret movement from Virginia has taken almost two weeks to accomplish instead of three days as planned. Hurried to the front to fight in a battle already underway, the next day, Longstreet's I Corps roars through a gap between divisions in the Union Army of the Cumberland. The federals are sent reeling in a disorganized retreat all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee. With the victory at "The River of Death", the South's last Autumn of Glory begins. The Chickamauga Campaign August - September 1863

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