Avalanche: The Invasion of Italy

0300, 9 September, 1943: As Allied landing craft approached the shore of Salerno Bay south of Naples, most of the British & American assault troops they carried were prepared for an unopposed landing. They had only hours before been told of Italy's unconditional surrender to the Allies & happily believed their mission would now be the simple securing of an undefended beachhead. Wiser heads knew the Germans were still there. Avalanche recreates the U.S. 5th Army landing in the Gulf of Salerno & the battles to secure the beachhead from 9-19 September 1943. Included are rules for U.S. Parachute drops, Luftwaffe guided bomb attacks on Allied warships, divisional level leaders, special breakthrough combat, and repair & use of on-map airfields. Avalanche uses a battalion level game system that portrays corps & division level operations. Complexity: Medium. Solitaire Suitability: Medium/High. 22"x34" map, 700 counters, player aid cards, 16 page rulebook

Price: $40.49
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Manufactured by Avalanche Press

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