Battle for Normandy

The Battle for Normandy recreates the 1944 Campaign in France during World War II at a grand scale. With five maps stretching from Cherbourg to Argentan and over 2,500 counters representing every signicant combat unit in the campaign, players can fight once again the battles for Caen, Carentan, St. Lo, Cherbourg, Villers-Bocage and more. The rules are relatively simple but cover all of the important factors in the battle including Supply, Naval & Air support, Mulberrys, Parachute drops, Artillery and Command & Control. The Beach Assault phases in the beginning use a unique system that will never play the same way twice, due to Allied assault planning and German defense organization. When space and time are not available for the campaign game, there are four one-map scenarios available which can be played in an afternoon or a weekend, (and more to come in C3i magazine).COMPONENTS Five full color maps 9 counter sheets Rulebook Playbook Numerous player aid cards, including two laminated cards 3 six-sided Dice 1 ten-sided die

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Manufactured by GMT Games

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