Battletech: Mappack Solaris VII

Welcome to the Gaming World Check your myomers; calibrate your actuators; fine-tune your gyro; load-out the newest prototype weapons and never forget to check with your image consultant, while keeping your stable manager happy. On Solaris VII war is a sport and your career can die quicker than a Clan-made PPC slicing through your cockpit. Whether your stable manager is out to get you, the mafia is on your tail, or your next opponent has a piece of new technology youve never heard of before, on Solaris VII the stakes are always high and success higher provided you can seize it. MapPack: Solaris VII provides players with information on the gaming world and the stables that run it. Additionally, a slew of new Level 3 weapons and equipment tailor made for the close-in rough-and-tumble fighting of Solaris VII duels is included. Also provided are nine previously published Solaris VII Maps, now compiled together and re-printed for the first time; rules for using these

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Manufactured by FanPro/FASA

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