Beyond the Supernatural

An updated and punched up second edition of this long-time fan favorite. The setting is our modern world. A place and time where science rules and spiritualism and the belief in the supernatural are mocked and scoffed at, but it is they who are the fools. Magic and the supernatural are real. Psychic abilities and ghosts are real. And danger from them is also real. Players are the vanguard of lost, forbidden and secret knowledge. They navigate through a shadowy world of magic, superstition, disbelief and monsters that science refuses to admit even exist. They are unsung heroes behind the scenes trying to help and protect others while they simultaneously seek to unravel the mysteries of the unknown. Includes: more on Victor Lazlo and his lasting legacy, the Lazlo Agency; more world background and guides to adventure; new and old psychic, magic and spiritual O.C.C.s; horror, mystery, monsters and more

Price: $22.46
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Manufactured by Palladium

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