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Bartholomew Roberts, born in Casnewydd-Bach in Wales, was one of the most successful pirates in history. Called the "Gentleman Pirate" by many, Black Bart was always clean and well dressed, demonstrated excellent manners, and kept musicians on board. He forbade gambling and alcohol on his ships, and encouraged regular prayer. Despite these affectations, Bart was immensely capable, capturing over 400 ships and 50 million pounds of loot in his career. Black Bart was killed while fighting against the man o war HMS Swallow, when he was struck in the neck by grapeshot. According to his wishes, his crew committed his remains to the depths before finally surrendering. Use Black Bart, the Gentleman Pirate, to show that dignified comportment and a clean wardrobe are no impediment to victory in the Anachronism arena. If one cannot win in style, can one say that one has really won at all?

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