Blackmoor: Temple of the Frog (Blackmoor D20 Adventure)

For thirty years, no name has been more feared than this one. Within its slimy walls lies the root of fantasy adventure gaming. For thirty years The Temple has claimed the lives of many brave and cunning adventurers. For thirty years, those who have lived to tell the tale, speak of the challenges they faced. For thirty years The Temple has challenged players and Dungeon Masters alike. Do you dare to brave the Great Dismal Swamp? Are you prepared to face the challenges, solve the puzzles and defeat the foes awaiting you? Are you ready to learn the secrets of The Temple of the Frog? Come then and test your nerve and skills. Learn what others have failed to learn, The Temple of The Frog is dangerous and those unprepared will meet their doom. The Temple of The Frog is designed for 4 to 6 player characters ranging in experience between levels 5 to 9.

Price: $19.79
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Manufactured by Code Monkey Publishing

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