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Burebista is regarded as the greatest King of Dacia. His conquests stretched from beyond the Northern Carpathian Mountains to Dionysopolis in the south, and from the Pannonian Plains in the west to the Black Sea in the east. During the second Mithradatic War, several Greek cities on the west coast of the Black Sea requested his help against the Roman general Varro Lucullus, and later joined Burebistas kingdom out of gratitude. Burebista again interfered in Roman matters by siding with Pompey against Caesar. In 44BC, Caesar began preparations to punish Burebista, but was assassinated before he could mount an invasion. Burebista himself was also assassinated the same year by malcontents in his court. Use Burebista, the greatest King of the Dacians, to acquaint your enemies with the sharp edge of your blade in pursuit of victory in the Anachronism arena.

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