Buy Low, Sell High

In The Motley Fools Buy Low Sell High, players try to outtrade, outmanuever, and outplay their fellow investors on their way to riches and fame in the stock market. Who will be the richest Fool on Wall Street? Stocks rise and fall according to demand -- and other less predictable factors. The player that makes the wisest ahem, the most Foolish choices will win the game and perhaps go down as the greatest investor that the world has ever seen. Or, at least... your game table. Remember: Buy low. And: Sell high. Its just that simple. Whoever is best at doing this will, as in our world at large, have more fun! Note: Any uses of the word Fool or Foolish throughout these rules -- as you have already seen -- is a very positive statement. Remember that your game here carries The Motley Fool name. So Foolish is our way of saying smart or sound. By contrast, un-Foolish is among the very nastiest criticisms we are capable of leveling at a person or an investment strategy. Let us reiterate in closing: To be a Fool -- a very good thing!

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