Calaboose Card Game

What is a Calaboose? It's another word for "jail". Old West jargon. I pronounce it "Kal-uh-boos". -What is Calaboose? It's a card game for 2-5 players, ages 12+. Players are sheriffs in the Old West. The goal is to collect the most valuable combination of bad guys. By "most valuable", we mean "worth the most money". -Is this a kid's game? Yes and no. Kids certainly enjoy playing it, but the mechanic is both simple enough and deep enough to be a lot of fun for adults. I think of it as being in the same category as Hearts or Crazy Eights, but not as deep as Bridge. It works well for both adults and kids. It's not like any of those games, by the way. Calaboose involves a lot more player interaction. -So, how do you play? Each player has a "jail" in front of them. You can keep up to five criminals in your jail. Once someone is in your jail, you can't take him out except to defend. On your turn, you can place a card in an empty cell

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Manufactured by Live Oak Games

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