Call of Cthulhu: Secrets of New York

Welcome to the city that never sleeps. By day, New York City is the financial capitol of the world. At night, the city is alive with myriad lights, diamonds dazzling in the buildings that scrape the sky. Music, food, dance and dark rituals all can be found beneath the mantle of darkness in New York City. Here within Gotham there have always been secrets, countless, sinister and horrifying. From the savage massacre at Throgs Neck to the things beneath the earth on Barren Island, New York City has always been protective of its mysteries. Now many of them are revealed. Secrets of New York is a compendium of one of the oldest and most renowned cities in the United States. This volume explores the strange events above and below the gridiron streets and avenues of the worlds financial capital during the 1920s. With a plethora of characters to bring the city to life, and a detailed history to build scenarios upon, Secrets of New York is an indispensable tool for keepers and players playing

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Manufactured by Chaosium

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