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The last Chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao attained great power through conquest and judicious rule. Noted for sly intelligence, even at an early age, Cao Cao also demonstrated military aptness, defeating the Yellow Turban Rebellion in Yingchuan. With the death of Emperor Ling in 189 AD, Cao Cao raised his own army in Chenliu and, in a series of short, regional wars, expanded his domain. In 196, Emperor Xian was convinced to place himself under Cao Caos protection. When Yuan Shao moved to rescue the Emperor with over 100,000 troops, Cao Cao, with only 20,000, secured a most brilliant and improbable victory. A capable minister in times of peace and a nefarious hero in times of war, use Cao Cao to perceive all avenues of advancement, and to turn the slightest advantage into a winning strategy in the Anachronism arena.

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