Card Football Premiere Edition

Card Football is an innovative playing card-based board game that appeals to a wide variety of gaming fans, sports fans, fantasy sports fans and card players. Card Football is a strategy game based on the D54 Game System (patent pending). The D54 Game System takes the standard 54-card playing deck (i.e. Jacks, Queens, Kings & Aces of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades) and adds various sport-specific functions to each card. The D54 Game System provides a level of strategy and skill never before seen in a collectible card game or board game. Card Football game play combines elements of classic card games including War, Poker and Texas Hold 'Em. Players must decide how best to play their cards. For instance, cards can be played individually, in pairs, two pair, three-of-a-kind, or five-card poker-style 'Power Hands'. Much like a football coach deciding what play to call, or the quarterback choosing his best option, players must decide whether to play a strong card immediately, or hold it back in hopes of using it to put together a Power Hand. Other elements of Card Football include team and player chips, the Card Football game board, a score board, a referee/yard marker and dice that are used for fumble, field goal and injury situations. Card Football allows for one, two, three and four-player modes - a true rarity in the card game market. The single-player game mode is set up so that an individual can take on 'the system' and pick up the basics of the game before challenging friends in an all-out gridiron battle. In addition, the learning curve with Card Football is remarkably low. Typically, the game is learned in two to five minutes, thanks to the built-in familiarity that the D54 Game System offers. If it happens on the field, you'll find it in Card Football. From field goals, punts and extra points, to fumbles, interceptions and last-second heroics, you get it all in four quarters of Card Football action.

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Manufactured by SportFX International

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