Castle Taglyon: Cult of Yex, Part 2(D20 Adventure)

Castle Taglyon is Part II of the d20 Cult of Yex Adventure Path Campaign. Castle Taglyon can be played either as part of the epic Cult of Yex Campaign, or can easily be played as a stand alone module. Your party of four 3rd level heroes must journey to the Metropolis of Taglyon, in search of an artifact lost to history. The Thaxxonic Morphotizite, a unique gemstone with powerful extra-planar powers must be found to give the party a critical advantage in their upcoming confrontation against the sinister Cult of Yex. The party's benefactor, the old wizard Boxxaway Hotheway believes that the gemstone is somewhere inside the huge palace of Taglyon. Most of the palace is a wildly morphic, extra-dimensional maze where rooms shift around randomly. Most who enter the morphic section never return alive. Boxxaway is convinced that the morphic shifting is actually caused by the gem itself, and therefore must be inside somewhere. Your party of heroes must brave the dangers of the morphic castle to find the long lost library of Taglyon where they must outsmart and defeat the insane "librarian" who has taken up residence there, in order to discover critical information that will help them enter the secret enclave where the gemstone is hidden? Can your party discover how to navigate the never-before-seen wildly morphic dungeon? How will they fare against the surprising villain who now wields the gemstone against them? Can they solve the sinister mystery of Castle Taglyon? Castle Taglyon advances your party of four PCs from 3rd to 5th level.

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Manufactured by Troll Lord Games

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