Infighting and Intrigue in the King's Castle THEME: Castle is a game where a player's success is dictated by their ability to position their characters prominently in the court. The spaces where you can put a new card into play are constantly changing, so players must have a flair for deception and observation to win. The back and forth exchange of cards from the players' hands to the game board and vice versa constantly change each player's prospect of winning. Thus, the players must be attentive to the ever-changing situation at the castle, and not miss their chance to take advantage. GOAL OF THE GAME: The game board represents a fantasy castle and the surrounding area. The cards represent different characters found in and around the castle. Each player tries to be the first to place all of their character cards onto the board. Most of the cards have some sort of special effect when they are placed, often causing one or more other cards to be sent back to the hands of other players. The winner of the game is the first player to get rid of all their cards. CHARACTERISTICS: The more players you have, the more luck can factor into the game, and the shorter the game will last. For example, with two players, Castle is very tactical, and can last over an hour. A five player game is easier to play, and rarely lasts more than a half hour. CONTENTS: 59 Character Cards 4 Castle Wall Pieces, to create the Board 115 Tokens in 5 different colors 1 Rules Booklet

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