Updated May 1, 2011

Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Guide (Hardback, Core Book)

The Castle Keeper's Guide is the 3rd of 4 core books offered for the Castles & Crusades fantasy role playing game. This guide expands upon the C&C core rules already presented in the Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure and Of Gods & Monsters (due Summer 2009). By presenting multiple variants of multiple rules the CKG presents both the novice and veteran gamer the tools that they often need to expand and develop the game. The CKG is a toolbox for gamers, filled with guidelines and rules as well as notes on directions for design, all laid out for the Crusader to enhance their game. Whether you've playing for years, or just recently joined the Crusade the rules presented here will help you in both preparation for games to come and give you the necessary tools to deal with almost any scenario that develops at the gaming table. The CKG has been a project we have long labored over and at last we are confident that as this our Fourth Crusade gets under way that the CKG can and will takes its rightful place as a tower of adventure!

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Manufactured by Troll Lord Games

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