Chaotic TCG Starter Display (10)

While playing the Chaotic Trading Card Game, teenage boys Tom and Kazdan uncover a portal to the secret world of Perim, where they discover that the one-of-a-kind, alphanumeric codes on their trading cards are actually super-charged DNA scans of the hundreds of unique creatures that inhabit the parallel universe! When challenged to a battle, the Chaotic player transforms into a creature whose scan they just captured! Based on the Chaotic TV series airing on 4Kids TV, this ground-breaking TCG takes interactive game play to a whole new level as players battle opponents in-person, or upload each card's unique code to battle online! Each starter deck contains a 48-card, pre-constructed player deck, four random chase cards, and two foil cards.

Price: $125.99
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Manufactured by TC Digital Games, LLC

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