Children of the Rune (Arcana Un Anth)

The Land of the Diamond Throne Comes Alive! They are seldom seen, but their deeds are often marveled at. They live in legend to serve the land. They are the mysterious runechildren, favored by some greater power to receive a distinctive runic tattoo and the magical power to work great wonders. Runechildren blaze a brilliant path in a world where good and evil are never clear, guiding it to a destiny that not even they always understand. Finally . . . Fiction for Your Favorite Game! Players everywhere have become entranced with the extraordinary setting of Monte Cooks Arcana Unearthed: the Land of the Diamond Throne, with its unusual people, unique magic and mystic sites. This anthology showcases the world in more than a dozen thrilling and imaginative short stories. Children of the Rune features the talents of popular fantasy authors Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb and others. makes a perfect introduction to the Diamond Throne setting

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Manufactured by White Wolf

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