City Sourcebook Vol. 1: NPCs (3.5 D20 Sourcebook)

NPCs for the revised rules! The rules are thick and time is precious! You know you want them and you know your going to need them! NPCs. This book is easy to use, costs little, and is a utility that any and all d20 players and game masters must have and will use! You've been there before. Your players are in town and their needs are legion! They're going to need supplies. They're going to need information. They're going to need a bar room brawl and an adventure! The complex rules of 3.5 don't allow the DM time enough to create NPCs on the fly . . . this book alleviates all those worries! A city peopled with over 72 fighter, rogue, expert and commoner non-player characters, NPCs Vol I is the inexpensive tool you are going to use over and over again. Each NPC comes complete with all the information your going to need including name and description! NPCs VOL. I includes The City of Sorrow adventure! Scaled for any level, the City of Sorrow places all 72 NPCs in an easily adaptable setting! All 72 NPCs easily adaptable for any setting! Beyond the world of your waking linger shadows of past deeds. "Memories, these shades are little more than memories." The people of Chalysandrum stoop beneath the weight of their own past, bound by the crimes of the forebearers. At the heart of their tortured soul lies the Cabal's dark sorceries and evil machinations. Only the brave and foolhardy can overcome the ghost-like memories of these foul wizards and free the town from its ancient curse. About Phil Thompson: Phil has Produced, wrote and/or edited 32 adventure modules for the RPGA; Co-wrote Loona: Port of Intrigue with legendary author Ed Greenwood; Co-authored House Red Star with Silent Death author Extrodinare Leeland Erickson. House Red Star is in editing at Iron Crown Enterprises

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