Collateral Damage - The Anime Board Game

The only anime based board game on the market! Collateral DamageTM is a board game for 2-6 players, ages 12 and up. The game has everything needed for play, including 56 typical characters from romantic comedy anime, and a 4 page manga. Collateral Damage simulates (to use the term loosely) Japanese animation (anime). More specifically, in contrast to the many hard-core, highly complicated, high-tech giant robot wargames on the market, it is a simulation of Japanese romantic comedy anime. The "units" of the game are individual fictional characters, with a unique set of statistics and a Special Power to distinguish each one. Each player acts as a Gang Boss trying to take over the island nation of Neo Japan, starting with two characters and recruiting more, then sending them into furious battle against characters controlled by the other players, sort of to conquer all and win the game, but mainly just for the heck of it. Unlike in most wargames, a player's control over her forces is always uncertain. In true anime fashion, characters fall in loveusually unreciprocatedand pursue their private objectives all over the game board, in flagrant disregard of their player's orders, often to the point of fighting each other more than the enemy.

Price: $35.96
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Manufactured by Gozer Games LLC

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