Complete Encounter Set One: Dark Elf Sanctum

The first in Paizos new GameMastery product line-geared toward providing Game Masters with tools and support to take their games to the next level-Dark Elf Sanctum contains everything a Game Master needs to run a complete micro-adventure, including miniatures, maps, and encounters designed and written by the industrys top professionals. Compleat Encounter Set One: Dark Elf Sanctum contains: three brilliantly sculpted, high-quality, 25-mm one-piece metal miniatures designed by fan-favorite artist Wayne Reynolds; a level-scaleable OGL micro-adventure written by Mike Mearls featuring a dark elf priestess and her summoned creature; four 5 x 8 double-sided cardboard map cards featuring full color minis-scaled cartography by Dungeon-magazine favorite Christopher West; three Villain Sheets featuring a Wayne Reynolds character sketch and important game information. Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Masters arsenal

Price: $14.36
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Manufactured by Paizo Publishing

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