Conspiracy X 2.0

In Conspiracy X, players take the roles of government officials, civilians, researchers, FBI agents, CIA spies, NSA code breakers, and more. All connected as part of a grand conspiratorial organization called Aegis, formed in the aftermath of the Roswell crash, they are the last defense against alien invaders, subversive agencies, and paranormal terrors. Conspiracy X 2.0 is a complete role playing game. In this book, you will find cell creation rules, allowing teams to access covert op gadgetry, alien technology, orbital gunstars, black helicopters, magic vans, and much more. Also includes full exposition of the Unisystem, a universal game mechanic fully compatible with CJ Carellas WitchCraft, Armageddon, All Flesh Must Be Eaten and Terra Primate, allowing hard-core realism or high velocity cinematic action

Price: $31.50
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Manufactured by Eden Studios

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