Everything you need to add historically-accurate sailing vessels to your D20 campaigns, CORSAIR compiles the OGL seafaring and naval combat rules from the Origins Award-nominated Skull & Bones from Green Ronin, with the advanced supplemental rules from the first two issues of Adamant Entertainment's Buccaneers & Bokor, plus brand-new material never seen before, including new ships, new rules and more! Included in the 67-page PDF are 20 ship types, complete rules for sailing, ship repair and customization, naval combat, and boarding actions, and full-color deckplans of a Brigantine, gridded for D20 combat. CORSAIR is the perfect solution for any D20 campaign, regardless of setting, looking to add the snap of sail-cloth, the sting of salt spray, and the thunderous roll of cannon-fire to the game. Everything you need, all in one place. Set sail

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