Counter Collection: Savage Jungles and Untamed Woodlands

Weve covered swamps and oceans, and examined undead, now its time to lift the canopy and expose the creatures of the forest. Counter Collection: Savage Jungles & Untamed Woodlands contains every single creature found in Expeditious Retreats Monster Geographica: Forest. In full-color and durable cardstock, the counters are compatible with the 3.5 rules and come inside a handy tin case for easy storage and transportation. Gamers will quickly learn that pixies and sprites arent the only creatures lurking in the bush! Savage Jungles & Untamed Woodlands is the perfect accessory for any tabletop roleplaying game that features a trek through the brush or an encounter in an sylvan glade. With 2 full-color fold-out battlemats for skirmish action, this collection contains images for over 200 unique and terrifying monsters. These counters can be used as a companion to Expeditious Retreats book, or as a method of introducing entirely new creatures to the gaming table.

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Manufactured by Fiery Dragon Productions

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