Cursed Empire: Dark Clouds of War

Dark Clouds of War Here you have it, the third Cursed Empiretm Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplement. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for the Sourcebook, Slavers of Karg and Darkuntm Supplement covers, interior art is by Rob Larson, Rik Martin and Amandine Labarre. A storm is gathering over the Black Forest. This region is as yet apparently neutral in the conflict between the Empire and Karnarcos. Could the Rlishae (Dusk Elves) be preparing an attack on Karg? All the signs are there in any case. As agents of Karnarcos, you will have to verify the level of the threat and report back to your superiors. The Master of Tales can run the scenario included as is or populate it with additional material as detailed below. This supplement includes additional background material on the Druid and Druid-Priest (evil Druids) with new spells, Non-Player Characters, Gatherings (Bears, Custodians, Hawks etc.) and Brotherhoods

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