Cursed Empire: Knight Sourcebook

Knight Class Supplement (160 pages) Here you have it, the fourth Cursed Empire(tm) Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplement. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for the Sourcebook, Slavers of Karg, Dark Clouds of War and Darkuntm Supplement covers, interior art is by Rob Larson, Rik Martin, Manoel Magalhaes Moreira and Amandine Labarre. Background This supplement unlocks some of the mysticism that shrouds the Knight of Old in secrecy. The Old Imperial Code is laid down for players to follow or stray from, as well as the Karnarcos variation... The Origins of Knighthood are exposed as well as ancient rituals and Knight Orders (thirty in total). Interaction charts are provided to explain politics between Knight Orders and a selection of Non-Player Characters are also included to spice the game up.

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