Cursed Empire: Slavers of Karg

Slavers of Karg Here you have it, the second Cursed Empire Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplement. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for the Sourcebook and Darkuntm Supplement covers, interior art is by Rob Larson, Rik Martin and Amandine Labarre. So you have heard of the Imperial city of Kurnor Here you will have to brave the dangers of penetrating a slavers network, riddled with enemies, secrets and people you would not normally trust. High-Ranking dignitaries of the Empire are going missing and you must find out why. The Master of Tales can run the scenario included as is or populate it with additional material as detailed below. This supplement includes additional background material on the Guilds of Kurnor (The Black Hand, Cutters, Daggers, Dengers, Hawks, Lifters etc.) as well as key Non-Player Characters from within these secret societies.

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