D20 DragonMech: Mech Manual

Survival in DragonMech requires a hard metal shell powered by a loud engine. But its not enough to beat the other mechs: you also have to survive wizards throwing fireballs! This monster manual of mechs is the definitive guide to the smokebelching steampunk mechs, nimble clockwork lancers, slave-driven galley-riders, magical elven tree-walkers, and grotesque necromechs that every mech jockey has to be prepared to pilot or fight. The Mech Manual gives players new options and GMs new enemies. There are more than 50 new mechs complete with deck plans, plus loads of new steampunk gear and mech-based character options. In non-DragonMech fantasy worlds, the mechs can be used as deadly constructs or animated golems

Price: $19.79
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Manufactured by White Wolf

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