DB2: Crater of Umeshti (C&C Adventure)

The Crater of Umeshti is a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Characters enter the Crater and delve into its depths. They find foes both great and small and face them in battles of blade or wit in order to relieve them of their treasure. They face puzzles, traps, and uncover secrets and mysteries which inevitably lead the characters to greater power and fortune. The Crater of Umeshti may be incorporated with its other parts into a fantastic campaign, leading characters from levels 2-5 to greater and greater strength and prestige. The crater is designed with the intent of repeated forays into its depths using a using that incorrigible chain of cross dimensional taverns known by most as The Roadhouse and referred to by a knowledgeable few as Dirtys. See The Haunted Highlands by Troll Lord Games for more details on Dirty Bowbes Roadhouse and its environs. The Crater of Umeshti: The Sinkhole, is a Castles and Crusades adventure for 4-6 characters of levels.

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Manufactured by Troll Lord Games

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