DERPG #6: The Excellent Prismatic Spray #6

In this edition, aimed to support those who wish to experience the darker side of the Dying Earth we concentrate on Turjan-level material. The articles have a darker feel, the scenarios are more dangerous and for more powerful protagonists. We present a vision of fantasy, doom-laden and beautiful, violent, alien and treacherous. At this level the essential elements are an opportunity for bloodshed and a sense of horror as one searches ruined wonders for lost knowledge.We combine this with contributions from persons of such eminence as Monte Cook, Mark Ricketts and Keith Baker, the latter with a d20 article. While it is their first appearance in XPS, their calibre is well known to all within the hobby and we are glad to have access to their wit and experience. Yet in the same edition we welcome someone who is making his first appearance in print, Greg Saunders.

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Manufactured by Pelgrane Publishing

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