Dead Hand Chaos Poker

Q: When is a winning poker hand NOT a winning poker hand? A: When it's the DEAD HAND. DEAD HAND Chaos Poker An Unholy Union of Poker and Russian Roulette. This otherwise standard Poker deck hides a maddening twist; an almost imperceptible presence within the card face veneer the hand of death. A deathly presence that may well kill one of the hands at the table. Point is... after all the bets are down, after all hands are revealed, a final card is drawn from the deck. Maybe all remains as it was. Maybe the pair of Aces is dead. Perhaps the low club is the kiss of death. So give a moment's pause before folding. Your opponents hand may not be long for this world. Or then again, maybe you hold the DEAD HAND. So that what it says on the back of the box whats it really like? Even with its unique twist, DEAD HAND is primarily a straight-forward game of Poker. The DEAD HAND mechanic ends up only affecting approximately 20% of the hands played.

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Manufactured by Smirk and Dagger

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