Dice Tower, Wood Mini (Unassembled Dice Tower)

The Wood Mini Dice Tower (BPN9004) is 3x3x6 inches (8x8x15cm) and comes with a detachable drawer. The drawer has a tab that locks its position relative to the dice tower so everyone can see the result, or you can put the drawer in the tower to keep the roll hidden until needed. The kit includes all components and assembly instructions. All it takes is glue, rubber bands and about 10 minutes to put a mini dice tower together. All components are made of quality 3mm birch plywood and then precision laser-cut to ensure a tight fit of all components. Finger joints on the tower and base ensure a strong fit for years of high-powered dice rolling. Wood mini dice towers feature a cherry stain with a polyurethane coating for protection from gaming perils (such as soda and potato chips). Includes three internal baffles to ensure that your die rolls are truly random. Portable and sturdy, the wood mini dice tower can accommodate up to 8 x 19 mm 6 sided dice rolled at once. Roll your dice in style!

Price: $15.30
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Manufactured by Blue Panther

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