Doom of Odin

Somewhere, deep in the bowels of mysterious Nidavellir, a Dwarf craftsman forges the key to the very ruin of the gods. A secret pact with the vengeful Frost Giant, Bjorg, threatens to undo an ages-old curse and unleash a chain of events that will bring Asgard to its knees. But the young son of a faithful jarl, a mere mortal, may have just what the gods need to thwart the giant's sinister plans and prevent the Doom of Odin . . . if they act in time! Doom of Odin is a support supplement for Ragnarok! Tales of the Norse Gods d20 System setting. This 64-page book features new prestige classes for the Norse Mythos including the Valkyrie, the Viking Skald, and the Berserker. It also provides fully detailed information on Nidavellir - the land of the Dwarves - and Jotunheim - demesne of the gods' eternal foes, the Frost Giants. A full-length adventure completes the book. Players and GM's will have even more information to adventure throughout the Nine Worlds and forestall the ultimate Doom of the Gods. Cover art by noted Heavy Metal magazine artist, Lorenzo Sperlunga. d20 System compatible. Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons, Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards Of The Coast. Components: 64 pages, perfect bound.

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Manufactured by Avalanche Press

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