Dragon Delta

THEME: Each year on the delta of the Dragon River, there is a great competition among the bravest and strongest youths of the kingdom. They attempt to cross the river on fragile bridges built from planks and stones in order to reach a village on the opposite side. The first player to cross the delta is the victor, and wins the golden dragon. However, in order to get across, contestants must carefully calculate their moves, negotiate past the maneuvers of their opponents, and avoid the dangerous obstacles presented by the dragons living in the water that give the delta its name. RULES IN BRIEF: On each turn, the players each choose 5 action cards from their hand. The cards are placed face down in front of them. Then, one by one, the cards are revealed simultaneously. Players then perform the actions (Place one or more rocks, place one or more plank, move their pawn, remove a rock or plank). Some of their 5 cards may be dragons, which block the move of an opponent. The object is to be the first player to move their pawn to the town on the opposite shore. CHARACTERISTICS: Dragon Delta is a simple tactical game that the whole family can enjoy. Its quick and easy rules require players to anticipate their opponent's moves and attempt to see through their bluffs. Fortunes in the game change dramatically, as players build and alter bridges, and cause fearsome dragons to slow down their opponents. More experienced players will be charmed by the beautiful components, and surprised by the depth and subtlety of the game. AWARDS: GAMES 100: 2001 Nominee As d'Or 2001 du Festival International des Jeux de Cannes Spiel des Jahres 2001 Nominee COMPONENTS: 1 Game Board; depicting the delta of the Dragon River with 27 small islands and 6 villages. 6 Pawns; in different colors to represent the 6 young contestants. 36 Planks; in 6 colors and 6 different sizes. These are used to construct bridges. 27 Wooden Tokens referred to as "stones"; these are used to support the planks for building the bridges. 1 Large Pawn; to indicate the starting player for each turn. 78 Action Cards; 13 for each player.

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Manufactured by Eurogames

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