Dragonlance: Legends of the Twins (HC)

In the wake of the War of the Lance, the evil archmage Raistlin Majere plots to take his place as a god in the heavens, while his twin brother Caramon begins a quest of his own. Their journeys span the centuries and forever change the face of Krynn! Now the Legends of the Twins d20 sourcebook allows gamers to experience the adventure of the trilogy for the first time, taking the themes of time travel, spiritual journeys, and redemption and using them in all new campaigns. Rich with source material detailing past eras ofAnsalon's history, an alternate version of Krynn, and both stats and descriptions of the saga's most beloved characters, the sourcebook also offers rules for character traits, along with the magical rules that govern travel upon the River of Time.

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Manufactured by Sovereign Press

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