Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series Complete Collection

A pop-culture phenomenon during the 1980s and originally produced by Marvel Productions, Dungeons & Dragons: The Animated Series debuted on CBS in 1983, airing for three seasons through 1986. Now, all 27 original episodes are gathered on this 4-disc compilation - digitally enhanced and remastered - complete with a 5th disc boasting extensive bonus features. Also included in this collectible package is an official Dungeons & Dragons game supplement created exclusively for this release by Wizards of the Coast featuring 32-pages of official character profiles with full d20 stats for all of the series' heroes, including Uni and their nemesis Venger, as well as all of the magic items, and a brand new adventure that serves as a prelude to the episode "The Dragon's Graveyard." An Episode Guide Booklet completes the package with intimate details on the show's synopsis, writers, and original air dates.

Price: $49.50
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Manufactured by Diamond Comic Distributors

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