Eagles of the Empire: Napoleon in the Desert

In 1798, Europe's most successful general embarked on one of the most bizarre expeditions ever launched: the French invasion of Egypt. Dreaming of exceeding Alexander the Great, the young Napoleon Bonaparte led his seasoned Army of Italy across the Mediterranean. The world's fiercest cavalrymen, the fanatic Mamelukes, rode out to stop him. In the tradition of our Gettysburg and Rome at War games, this exciting set features the following battles: • Pyramids, 21 July 1798. Napoleon faces the Mameluke army. • Alternative Pyramids. The Mameluke leaders did not make use of all their resources to stop the French. Had they done so, history might have taken a radically different turn. • Cairo, 17 August 1786. Ghazi Hassan, Turkey's best general, leads a punitive expedition against Egypt's ruling Mamelukes. • Mount Tabor, 16 April 1799. Outnumbered 17 to 1, Napoleon faces the Pasha of Damascus in northern Palestine. • Aboukir, 25 July 1799. Mustafa Pasha lands his army in Egypt to drive out the French, but Napoleon meets him on the beaches.

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Manufactured by Avalanche Press

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