d20: Eternal Rome

Mythic Vistas, the line that brought you Testament and Trojan War, now completes its ancient world trifecta with the definitive guide to the glory of Rome! Covering all major periods from Romes founding to the final barbarian incursions, Eternal Rome gives you everything you need to explore this fantastic era. Chock full of historical and mythic details, this sourcebook gives you a detailed atmosphere and environment for historical games, all the while providing the necessary tools to bring Roman culture into existing d20 games. Inside, youll find rules for adapting existing classes to the setting, classical prestige classes and monsters, and even an introductory adventure by Testaments Scott Bennie to launch your new Eternal Rome campaign. Indeed, it is sweet and fitting to die for ones country. So, ready your shields and raise your pilums! Take your d20 games to new heights of adventure with the might and majesty of Eternal Rome

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