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Chaosium CHA 23122
Call of Cthulhu Atomic-Age Cthulhu
CHA 23122
Uploaded Feb 22, 2013
List Price: $31.95
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Detailed Description

It's the 1950s in America! The most destructive war in human history is over and the United States is starting to flex her muscles as a global superpower. The GIs have all come home to new cars, houses in the suburbs, and the high-tech wonders of jets, television, and rockets blasting into space, making it clear that the future is very bright ,indeed. All is good! At least, on the surface. But, beneath the shiny veneer, fear runs rampant! Atomic-Age Cthulhu features background information, new professions, new skills, and adventure ideas tailor-made for unleashing cosmic horror into the 1950s, along with seven scenarios designed to get you rocking n' rolling in no time.
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