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Eurogames 2541
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DON'T BREAK THE RULES, MAKE THE RULES! Why should you always blindly accept the rules of the games you play? After all, don't we live in a democracy? Then, vote for new rules! For once, you can manipulate the rules to your advantage! This is not too difficult; you must simply convince your opponents to vote using "common sense"... as long as "common sense" helps you win! In the game of Democrazy, the rules constantly change according to the votes of the players. Each player, on their turn, proposes a change to the rules and submits the change to a vote by all players. If the rule passes, it is adopted. If it is rejected, it fails. Of course, each player will try to pass rules that benefit themselves, and obstruct rules that don't. CONTENTS: 112 Democrazy Cards 60 Wooden Chips 1 Cloth Bag 1 Rule Book
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