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Mayfair Games MFG4102
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Land, Wealth, Power, Prestige An intriguing new game of domain building by the creator of The Settlers of Catan“ The king shall return... But before he does, the realm falls into anarchy and chaos. The lords of the kingdom struggle to improve their place and standing. New borders are drawn, and expanded through strength of arms and subtle maneuver. Each duke seeks to establish a claim over the most valuable parts of the kingdom before the king finally returns... In the dark of the Middle Ages, control of the land was the key to wealth and power. Can you control enough territory to become the most prestigious duke before the king's return? With the love for detail that has distinguished all of his designs, Klaus Teuber has created a game that is easy to learn, yet offers enough strategic depth to draw players back again and again. Are you clever enough to control the land, marshal your wealth, and seize the power and prestige of your own Domaine? Domaine Contains: 4 Board Edge Pieces 9 Land Tiles 60 Action Cards 60 Knight Figures 16 Castles 100 Border Markers 47 Gold Ducat Tokens 4 Crest Tokens 1 King Token 1 Rulebook
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